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Episode 81: The Contemporary Era

Hello, fellow music explorers! Join me for a remarkable finale as Busy Kids Love Music wraps up its enlightening four-part series on the major periods of music history. In Episode #81, we step into the present, exploring the diverse and expansive landscape of the Contemporary Era.

**The Contemporary Kaleidoscope:**
Our musical journey has led us to the era we currently inhabit—the Contemporary Era of music. In this episode, prepare to be immersed in a vast array of styles, ideas, and innovations, as composers from our time express their creativity through a kaleidoscope of musical genres.

**A Symphony of “-Isms”:**
As we navigate the turn of the century, you’ll discover that the Contemporary Era boasts a rich tapestry of musical styles, each marked by its unique “-ism.” From impressionism to serialism, modernism to minimalism, the music of our time embraces diversity and eclecticism. Sub-genres like jazz, ragtime, and blues add additional layers to the multifaceted soundscapes of contemporary compositions.

**Technology’s Influence:**
Advancements in technology have played a pivotal role in shaping the Contemporary Era. As our world becomes more connected, composers can easily share their creations with a global audience. The result is a musical landscape that reflects the globalized and interconnected nature of our contemporary world.

**Inspiration from the Past:**
Even as we explore new frontiers, the Contemporary Era is marked by a continued reverence for the past. Composers draw inspiration from the classical periods, with compositions reflecting the styles of Baroque or Romantic masters. Operas and symphonies, traditional forms from earlier eras, are still alive and well, demonstrating the enduring influence of classical music.

**A Musical Tapestry of Today:**
Episode #81 invites you to unravel the intricacies of the music that defines our present. From the experimental to the classical, jazz to modernism, the Contemporary Era is a celebration of the myriad ways composers express their artistic visions in the here and now.

**Embrace the Contemporary Symphony:**
Tune in, absorb, and let the Contemporary Era serenade you with its diversity and innovation. As we conclude this enlightening series, remember that the beauty of classical music lies in its ability to transcend time, connecting us with the past while echoing the harmonies of the present.

Don’t miss the grand finale—Episode #81 of Busy Kids Love Music, where the Contemporary Era becomes a vibrant musical canvas.



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Music Heard in this Episode:

Scott Joplin – Ragtime

Reich: Piano Phase

H A N S Zimmer Ultimate Mix – The Most Beautiful Film Music

Debussy – Arabesque No.1 and No.2

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 81

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you that includes some music from today’s episode as a few additional songs from the Modern Era. You can view the videos I’ve complied here.

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