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Episode 23: Scott Joplin


As we bid farewell to the month of June and the celebration of African American Music Appreciation Month, Episode #23 of Busy Kids Love Music takes center stage with a tribute to one of the most iconic composers in American music history—Scott Joplin. Join me in this episode as we unravel the fascinating story of the “King of Ragtime” and explore the musical legacy that has left an indelible mark on the world of classical and popular music.

Step into the rhythmic world of Scott Joplin, acclaimed as the “King of Ragtime.” Discover the infectious beats and syncopated melodies that define the genre and establish Joplin as a pioneer in the world of American music. Learn about the cultural significance of ragtime and its lasting impact on the development of jazz and popular music.

Uncover the special recognition bestowed upon Scott Joplin after his death. Despite facing challenges and hardships during his lifetime, Joplin’s contributions to music were eventually acknowledged in a remarkable way. Explore the posthumous honors that solidified his status as a true musical trailblazer.

In this episode, we also take a glimpse into the world of Scott Joplin’s opera, “Treemonisha.” Learn about the themes, characters, and narrative richness that make this opera a testament to Joplin’s creative genius. Delve into the story behind “Treemonisha” and its significance in the context of African American musical contributions.

Busy Kids Love Music is committed to making music history accessible and enjoyable for young minds. Episode #23 not only celebrates the musical brilliance of Scott Joplin but also provides educational insights into the cultural and historical context of ragtime and the enduring legacy of this influential composer.

Whether you’re a parent eager to share the vibrancy of American music history with your child or a young listener excited to tap into the lively rhythms of ragtime, Episode #23 is a must-listen. Subscribe to Busy Kids Love Music on your preferred podcast platform, and let the joyful sounds of Scott Joplin’s ragtime transport you to an era of musical innovation.

Join me in celebrating the legacy of Scott Joplin, the Ragtime Royalty. Happy listening!

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Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

The Entertainer (Joplin)

Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)

Treemonisha – “We Will Trust You As Our Leader” (Joplin)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 23

I’ve saved all 10 performances of Scott Joplin’s music for this episode into this YouTube playlist.

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