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Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 91: George Bridgetower

On this podcast, we learn about many composers whose names are familiar to you because they are composers who are widely recognized and performed.

But there are many great composers whose names are not familiar to us, whose works have been largely lost over time.

Today we are going to learn about one such composer. A biracial violin prodigy who inspired one of Beethoven’s most famous and passionate pieces, George Bridgetower is mostly known for his famous public rift with the volatile composer. We’ll learn more about the legendary concert where two brilliant performers dazzled a crowd with their incredible skills, though only one performer would go onto become a household name.


Music Heard in this Episode:

George Bridgetower – Henry: a Ballad – arr. String Quartet

George Bridgetower: Henry, A Ballad (c. 1812)

Beethoven.Violin.Sonata.No.9.Op.47.kreutzer. [Anne-Sophie Mutter.-.Lambert.Orkis]


Music Listening Schedule for Episode 91

As I note in the podcast, the majority of Bridgetower’s works are, sadly, lost to us. The playlist I’ve put together includes two recordings of the one piece we do have available to us, a performance of the “Bridgetower” Sonata, and and an excerpt of an opera about Bridgetower that was mentioned in the podcast. You can view the playlist here.

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