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Episode 86: Christmas Tree Suite


As we embrace the festive spirit of the holiday season, Episode #86 of Busy Kids Love Music promises to be a delightful discovery for both seasoned music lovers and curious newcomers. Today, we’re unwrapping the musical treasure of Franz Liszt’s Christmas Tree Suite — a charming and unexpectedly accessible collection that captures the enchantment of the holiday season.

**A Hidden Gem by Franz Liszt:**
One of the joys of producing this podcast is stumbling upon musical gems that are, perhaps surprisingly, new to even the most seasoned musicians. In today’s episode, we embark on a journey into the world of Franz Liszt, the renowned Austrian composer and pianist, to explore a piece that may be unfamiliar to many: the Christmas Tree Suite.

**Liszt: Beyond the Virtuoso:**
While Liszt is often celebrated for his virtuosic piano compositions, the Christmas Tree Suite offers a different facet of his genius. Composed with a delicate touch, this collection captures the innocence, joy, and magic of the holiday season, revealing a side of Liszt that may not be immediately associated with his more renowned works.

**Accessible Melodies for All Ages:**
What makes the Christmas Tree Suite stand out is its accessibility. Liszt crafts a musical narrative that invites listeners of all ages into the heart of holiday festivities. From the playful “Christmas Tree” to the tender “Ave Maria,” each piece unfolds like a musical storybook, weaving the listener through the emotions and imagery of the season.

**A Musical Yuletide Journey:**
In today’s episode, we’ll explore each delightful movement of the Christmas Tree Suite, sharing the magic of Liszt’s compositions and unraveling the stories behind the notes. From the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree to the gentle lullabies that echo through the festive air, Liszt’s music paints a vivid picture of the holiday season.

**Rediscover the Magic of Liszt:**
Whether you’re already a fan of Franz Liszt or encountering his work for the first time, Episode #86 invites you to rediscover the magic of this celebrated composer through the lens of the Christmas Tree Suite. Join me as we unwrap the musical gifts that Liszt has left for us, each melody a testament to the enduring enchantment of the holiday season.

**Wishing You a Musical Holiday Wonderland:**
From my musical family to yours, Busy Kids Love Music extends warm wishes for a holiday season filled with harmonious melodies, joyous celebrations, and the discovery of musical treasures.



Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Music Heard in this Episode:

Franz Liszt – The Christmas Tree Suite

Weihnachstraum, S186/R71: IV. Adeste Fideles (March of the Three Holy Kings)

 “Glockenspiel” from Weihnachtslied (Liszt)

“Schlummerlied” (Slumber Song) by Franz Liszt – Maria Dolnycky, piano

Liszt Ehemals

Liszt – Die Hirten and der Krippe – “In dulce jubilo”

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 86

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you that includes some performances of music from today’s episode as well as other orchestrations and versions of Christmas Tree Suite. You can view the videos I’ve complied here.

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