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Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 80: The Romantic Era


We are moving right along in our series about the 4 major periods of western classical music by learning about the Romantic Era in today’s episode. As a pianist, I’m rather partial to the music of this era — which was a time when many virtuoso pianists composed and performed. The expressive music in today’s episode makes for a beautiful and dramatic experience as we learn more about this period of time from 1830-1900.

Be sure to check out all the links I’ve included below to learn more about some of the composers from this period that we’ve discussed previously on the podcast.



Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Music Heard in this Episode:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Pastoral | Bernard Haitink & Berlin Philharmonic

Eric Lu – Mazurka in A minor Op. 17 No. 4

Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.5 – Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 2

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake (Swan Theme)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 80

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you that includes music from today’s episode as a few additional songs from the Romantic Era. You can view the videos I’ve complied here.

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