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Episode 80: The Romantic Era


Join me for another enchanting episode of Busy Kids Love Music as we continue our exploration of the four major periods of Western classical music. Today’s spotlight is on the Romantic Era, a captivating period from 1830 to 1900 that ushered in a wave of expressive and dramatic compositions.

**A Symphony of Emotions:**
As we delve into the Romantic Era, the music takes on a new dimension, filled with intensity and passion. Episode #80 unravels the threads of this evocative period, where composers embraced a more emotive and personal approach, giving rise to some of the most beautiful and stirring compositions in classical music history.

**Beethoven’s Prelude:**
The Romantic Era finds its roots in the innovations of the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven. Towards the end of the classical period, Beethoven began to pave the way for Romanticism by pushing the boundaries of classical music. His sonatas and symphonies, such as Symphony No. 6, ventured beyond the strict rules, introducing a sense of freedom and creativity. In this episode, we’ll explore how Beethoven’s countryside-inspired compositions set the stage for the passionate music of the Romantic Era.

**Virtuoso Pianists and Expressive Melodies:**
As a pianist, I can’t help but express my fondness for the Romantic Era—a time when virtuoso pianists took center stage, composing and performing works that showcased the expressive capabilities of the piano. The music of this era reflects a deep connection to personal emotions, making each piece a profound and emotive experience.

**Unlocking the Secrets of Romanticism:**
Discover the key elements that define Romanticism in music, from its departure from classical rigidity to its embrace of rich harmonies, lush melodies, and imaginative storytelling. The Romantic Era invites listeners to embark on a journey through compositions that evoke a wide range of emotions, from the tender to the tumultuous.

**Stay Tuned for the Final Chapter:**
Our exploration of Western classical music will soon culminate in the final episode of our series, where we’ll unravel the intricacies of the Contemporary Era. Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of classical music with Busy Kids Love Music.



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Music Heard in this Episode:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Pastoral | Bernard Haitink & Berlin Philharmonic

Eric Lu – Mazurka in A minor Op. 17 No. 4

Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.5 – Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 2

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake (Swan Theme)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 80

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you that includes music from today’s episode as a few additional songs from the Romantic Era. You can view the videos I’ve complied here.

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