Busy Kids Love Music
Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 76: Folk Music of Indonesia


We’re nearing the end of our summer series, Around the World with Busy Kids Love Music.

With each new episode (new episodes air every 2 weeks), we’ll be traveling to a new destination and learning about that particular place’s folk music. As you listen to each episode, you’ll collect a stamp to add to your passport while you work your way around the globe and learn about the incredible artists, cultures and communities that have contributed to folk music. Use the links below to download your passport and this episode’s stamp — from INDONESIA!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Print the Passport

Print Your Indonesia Stamp

Visit Peru

Visit Morocco

Visit Italy

Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Traditional Indonesian Music – Java

Sound Tracker – Gamelan (Indonesia)

Vita Alvia – Kopi Dangdut – Tarik Sis Semongko (Official Music Video ANEKA SAFARI)

Nasida Ria – Jakarta Jakarta (Official Music Video)

UNIC – Ya Hanana (Official Music Video)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 76

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you that includes four samples of Indonesian folk music. You can view the videos I’ve complied here.

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