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Episode 65: Water Music


As we embark on the final chapter of our three-part series on George Frideric Handel, join me in Episode #65 of Busy Kids Love Music as we set sail through the enchanting world of “Water Music.” This iconic collection of orchestral works, composed by Handel for a royal audience, promises to be a delightful finale to our exploration of the maestro’s genius.

Water Music, a suite comprising three orchestral suites, had its grand debut on a magical July evening in 1717. Picture this: King George, for whom Handel served as the esteemed composer, boarding a royal barge at Whitehall Palace. Accompanied by wealthy friends, the regal party set forth on the Thames River toward Chelsea, immersed in the musical brilliance of Handel’s compositions.

But the magic didn’t stop there. A barge, laden with around fifty musicians, followed the king’s vessel, serenading the waters with Handel’s melodies. As if choreographed by the music itself, other boats and barges joined the aquatic procession, creating a floating symphony of sound and celebration.

Arriving at Chelsea, the king briefly disembarked before re-boarding later that night for the return journey. Such was King George’s admiration for Water Music that he demanded its repetition several times during this royal cruise, immortalizing Handel’s composition as a timeless masterpiece.

In Episode #65, we delve into the fascinating history behind Water Music, uncovering the tales of its grand premiere and the royal admiration that echoed through the ages. Whether you’re a young listener or a seasoned music lover, Busy Kids Love Music ensures that the exploration of classical compositions is accessible and enjoyable for the whole family.

If the melodies of Water Music leave you wanting more, be sure to check out the corresponding listening calendar and revisit previous episodes from our Handel series (all linked below). As we bid adieu to this musical journey, I invite you to join me in celebrating the magic of Water Music and the enduring legacy of George Frideric Handel.

Episode #65 awaits, promising a musical voyage that captivates the young and the young at heart. Happy listening!

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Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Handel: Water Music, Overture

Handel Water Music: Hornpipe; FestspielOrchester Göttingen, Laurence Cummings, director

Handel – Water Music – Air

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 65

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you with the music discussed in today’s episode along with some other arrangements of pieces from Water Music. Check it out here.

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