Busy Kids Love Music
Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 6: Instruments in Native American Music

On August 3, 1990, President H. W. Bush declared the month of November National American Indian Heritage Month. (We refer to it now as Native American Heritage Month.) While certainly any month is the perfect month to learn about and celebrate Native peoples, November is a time especially encouraged to do so.

With that in mind, we’re exploring some of the instruments often used and treasured in indigenous music. From turtle shelled rattles to eagle bone whistles, we’re going to hear some incredible Native American music in today’s episode. On a personal note, this has been my favorite episode of the podcast thus far to research and create. I can’t wait for you to learn new things about Native American music!

Special thanks to my friend Dr. Shane Doyle of Native Nexus for consulting with me on this episode, and providing me with so many ideas and beautiful Native artists to further explore. You’ll definitely want to be sure to check out this episode’s listening calendar so that you, too, have a chance to hear some of the very special music that Dr. Doyle pointed me towards.

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Listening Calendar for Episode 6

Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

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