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Episode 41: Pizzicato Party


Get ready to tap your toes and join the plucking fiesta in Episode #41 of Busy Kids Love Music Podcast – It’s a Pizzicato Party!

“Pizzicato” – isn’t that just a delightful word to roll off the tongue? In this episode, we’re diving into the playful world of pizzicato, exploring how this whimsical technique transforms the music we love. Join me for a toe-tapping adventure as we unravel the magic of pizzicato in various compositions, from Johann Strauss II’s lively polka to the evocative sounds in Edvard Grieg’s “Anitra’s Dance” and the seasonal serenade of Vivaldi’s “Winter.”

In this episode, we’ll take a closer look at how different composers use pizzicato to create moods, depict weather, or simply add a touch of whimsy to their compositions. The lively rhythms and playful plucking of the strings bring a unique character to the music, and we’ll explore the diverse ways pizzicato is employed to enhance the listening experience.

First up on our pizzicato journey is Johann Strauss II’s “Pizzicato Polka.” Get ready for a musical dance party that showcases the infectious joy of pizzicato plucking, creating a lively and rhythmic atmosphere that will have you tapping your feet.

We’ll then whisk away to Edvard Grieg’s “Anitra’s Dance” from Peer Gynt Suite, where pizzicato conjures images of breezy landscapes and enchanting dances. Explore how this technique adds a layer of lightness and charm to Grieg’s composition.

As the seasons change, we’ll delve into Vivaldi’s “Winter,” where pizzicato evokes the crispness of snowflakes falling and the chill in the air. Experience the magic of this timeless technique as it weaves through the fabric of Vivaldi’s iconic masterpiece.

But the pizzicato party doesn’t end there! We’ll explore how this plucking technique finds a home in genres beyond classical music, venturing into the realms of bluegrass and jazz. Discover the versatility of pizzicato as it grooves and swings in styles that transcend musical boundaries.

Don’t miss the plucking extravaganza in Episode #41 of Busy Kids Love Music Podcast. From classical compositions to the toe-tapping beats of bluegrass and jazz, this pizzicato party promises to be a musical celebration that will leave you with a smile on your face and a rhythm in your step.

Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Johann Strauss II – Pizzicato Polka – YouTube

Edvard Grieg: Anitra’s Dance from Peer Gynt Suite • Volker Hartung, conductor – YouTube

Vivaldi Four Seasons: Winter (L’Inverno), complete. Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music RV 297 4K – YouTube

Willie Dixon Awesome Bass Playing – YouTube


Music Listening Schedule for Episode 41

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you with a variety of performances that include the pizzicato technique. Check it out here.

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