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Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 39: Hip Hop Music


Greetings, music enthusiasts! In celebration of Black History Month, join us in Episode #39 of Busy Kids Love Music, where we dive into the vibrant world of hip hop music. We are thrilled to welcome special guests Christina M. Johnson and her daughter, Jael (aka DJ K), accomplished hip hop artists and authors of the best-selling children’s book, “Hip Hop Hair.”

**Episode Highlights:**

– **Roots of Hip Hop:** Delve into the origins of hip hop music, rooted in the rich tapestry of African and Black American culture.

– **Poetry and Hip Hop:** Uncover the intriguing connections between poetry and hip hop, discovering the lyrical artistry that defines this genre.

– **DJ K’s Beats:** Gain insight into the creative process as DJ K shares how she crafts her own hip hop beats using technology—a skill you can explore too!

Celebrate diversity, rhythm, and the cultural significance of hip hop music with our esteemed guests. Christina and DJ K bring a unique perspective, weaving together music, storytelling, and family in a way that truly embodies the spirit of hip hop.

Tune in to Episode #39 for an enriching experience that highlights the roots, poetry, and creative technology behind this influential genre. Join the rhythmic journey into Black History with Busy Kids Love Music!

Links Mentioned in this Episode

@umotiv8cre8tions | Linktree

HIP HOP HAIR – Kindle edition by JOHNSON, JFAM, JOHNSON, ABIGAIL, C, JOHNSON, JAEL, K. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 39

Christina and DJ K created a kid-friendly playlist for you with a variety of hip-hop performances. Check it out here.

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