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Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 34: Hanukkah Music


One week from now is the festival of Hanukkah, an eight-day Jewish celebration that commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Jewish families all over the world will celebrate with the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games, gifts — and music.

In today’s episode, we are going to listen and learn about some of the songs that are part of the celebration of Hanukkah. You’ll learn about…

  • Some Hanukkah songs that have become popular as part of family celebrations
  • The song which many consider to be the anthem of Hanukkah, sung at the conclusion of the candlelighting ceremony
  • What a driedel is and why there are songs about it

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Jewish Lullabies (Shevet Achim Ensemble)

Hanukkah Blessings (Tracy Thomas)

Maoz Tzur (Tracy Thomas)

Hanukkah oh Hanukkah! (BimBam)

I Have A Little Dreidel (E’s Jammy Jams)

Sevivon Sov Sov Sov (Trena Anderson)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 34

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you with ten performances of Hanukkah songs.  Check it out here.

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