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Episode 18: The Trumpet


Episode #18 of Busy Kids Love Music is here to celebrate the crowned champion of musical versatility—the trumpet. In this episode, we journey into the vibrant history and captivating sounds of the trumpet, exploring its dynamic role in various genres and unraveling the mysteries behind this exceptional instrument.

Discover the historical significance of trumpeters in ancient battles. From alerting soldiers to impending dangers to conveying strategic signals, the trumpet has played a vital role on the battlefield. We’ll delve into the unique and powerful impact of the trumpet’s commanding sound in shaping the course of history.

Ever wondered how a musician produces those resounding notes from a trumpet? In this episode, we unlock the secrets behind the trumpet’s magical sound. From the buzzing of lips to the intricacies of valves, gain insights into the mechanics that transform a simple brass instrument into a symphony of brilliance.

Travel back in time as we explore the earliest iterations of the trumpet. What were these ancient instruments made from, and how did they evolve into the modern trumpet we know today? Uncover the materials and craftsmanship that shaped the earliest trumpets, paving the way for the musical marvel we celebrate in this episode.

Busy Kids Love Music is dedicated to making music education accessible and enjoyable for young minds. Episode #18 not only celebrates the trumpet’s versatility but also provides educational insights into its historical significance, sound production, and evolution over time.

Whether you’re a parent eager to introduce your child to the diverse world of musical instruments or a young listener excited to learn about the trumpet’s commanding presence, Episode #18 is a must-listen. Subscribe to Busy Kids Love Music on your preferred podcast platform, and let the triumphant sounds of the trumpet serenade you into a world of musical wonder.

Join me on this melodic adventure as we explore the excellence and versatility of the trumpet. Happy listening!

Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Symphony No. 5 in C-Sharp Minor (Mahler)

Reveille (Traditional)

Trumpet Concert in Eb Major (Haydn)

Someday (Armstrong)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 18

Enjoy the links to performances connected to our theme of The Trumpet until our next episode airs in two weeks.

Day 1: Hurricane Season (Trombone Shorty)

Day 2: Hello Dolly (Armstrong)

Day 3: Trumpet Concerto in Eb Major (Haydn)

Day 4: Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)

Day 5: All Blues (Davis)

Day 6: But Not for Me (Gershwin)

Day 7: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (Hindemith)

Day 8: Salt Peanuts (Gillespie)

Day 9: Le Rejouissance (Handel)

Day 10: Taps 

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