Busy Kids Love Music
Busy Kids Love Music
Episode 13: Famous Love Songs in Classical Music

It’s just a few days before Valentine’s Day here in the United States — so in today’s podcast, we’re talking about famous love songs in classical music. Don’t worry — I promise not to get too mushy on you!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Which composer was unlucky in love, though he did write a famous piano piece for one of two possible loves (who both turned his marriage proposals down)
  • A song that inspired one of Elvis Presley’s own love songs
  • A ballet that almost rewrote the ending to one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays

Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Liebestraum No 3 (Lizst)

Romeo and Juliet “Love Dance”, Op. 64 (Prokofiev)

Fur Elise (Beethoven)

For this episode’s Listening Calendar, I’m trying something new! Rather than downloading a separate listening calendar as in episodes past, I’m including the listening calendar as part of this post. (Let me know your preference in the comments!)

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 13

Enjoy the links to performances connected to our theme of LOVE SONGS IN CLASSICAL MUSIC until a brand new episode of Busy Kids Love Music airs in two weeks.

Monday: “Love Dance” (Prokofiev)

Tuesday: “Fur Elise” (Beethoven)

Wednesday: “Liebestraum” (Liszt)

Thursday: “Fur Elise” (Beethoven)

Friday: “Liebestraum” (Liszt)


Monday: “Salut d’Amour” (Elgar)

Tuesday: Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 (Mahler)

Wednesday: “Intermezzo” (Brahms)

Thursday: Serenade (Schubert)

Friday: String Quartet No. 2 “Intimate Letters” (Janacek)


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