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Episode 123: Prokofiev's Cinderella


Welcome to the latest episode of Busy Kids Love Music, where we embark on a musical journey into the captivating world of Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet masterpiece, “Cinderella.” Today we’ll dive into the enchanting melodies and unforgettable moments that make this composition a timeless treasure.

**Discovering Prokofiev’s Ballet Legacy:**
Sergei Prokofiev, renowned for his innovative compositions and mastery of musical storytelling, left an indelible mark on the world of ballet. Throughout his illustrious career, Prokofiev completed eight ballets, each a testament to his unparalleled creativity and ability to transport audiences to new worlds.

**Unveiling the Magic of Cinderella:**
“Cinderella” is a ballet in three acts, composed by Prokofiev between 1940 and 1944. Inspired by the classic fairy tale, the ballet follows the story of Cinderella, a kind-hearted young woman longing for escape from her life of hardship. With evocative music and enchanting choreography, Prokofiev brings this beloved tale to life in a way that captivates audiences of all ages.

**Exploring Key Musical Pieces:**
In our podcast episode, we spotlight some of the most iconic pieces from “Cinderella,” including the grand finale “Waltz-Coda,” the suspenseful “Midnight” music, and the romantic melody known as “Amoroso.” Through these excerpts, listeners are transported into the heart of Prokofiev’s enchanting world, where magic and emotion intertwine.

**Historical Significance:**
Despite the challenging circumstances of World War II, “Cinderella” made its debut on November 21, 1945, at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The premiere was a resounding success, enchanting audiences with its rich music, dazzling costumes, and breathtaking choreography, solidifying its place as a beloved classic of the ballet repertoire.

Join me on this enchanting journey through the magical world of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Cinderella.” Let the captivating melodies and timeless tale of love, hope, and transformation transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.
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Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Prokofiev – Cinderella Suite (Introduction)

Cinderella – Ballet in Three Acts, Op. 87, Act II: No. 37 Waltz – Coda

Prokofiev – Cinderella Suite – Midnight

Prokofiev – Cinderella “Amoroso”

Playlist for Episode 123

Check out this episode’s curated playlist on YouTube, where I’ve shared live performances to some of Prokofiev’s music from Cinderella.

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