Recital Hall

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Emily, Age 9, Virginia

Ashley, Age 8, California

Aria, age 6, Illinois

Kaitlyn, Age 8, Virginia

J from Erika on Vimeo.


Jeremiah, Age 6, Virginia

Richie, Age 12


Lillon, Age 9, Wisconsin


Addison, Age 8, Maryland

Brady, Age 7, Minnesota

Izzy, Age 11, Virginia

Samuel, Age 12, Alabama

Kate, Age 6, North Dakota

Aadya Acharya, Age 6, United Kingdom

Dominic, Age 8, NY (USA)

Aadya, age 6 from the United Kingdom playing “Jingle Bells”

Kate, age 5 from North Dakota playing “Parade”

Hazel, Age 8, from Melbourne, Australia     “Down by the Station”

Lillon, Age 9, Wisconsin

Cadence, Age 9 from Wisconsin

Kate, Age 5, from North Dakota

Isabelle, Age 8, from Alabama

Isabelle & Mom, Age 8, From Alabama

Isabella, Age 7, from USA

 Ishan Srinivasan, Age 6, from Ohio, USA

Kate, age 5, from North Dakota