Busy Kids Do Peter & the Wolf


Prokofiev, Quarter Notes, Capturing the Wolf



Welcome back for Day 2 of Busy Kids Do Peter & the Wolf Camp!

Today we’re going to learn about the composer of the music for Peter and the Wolf — Prokofiev. We’re also going to learn about quarter note rhythms and practice playing them.


Let’s get started!


The music from Peter and the Wolf was written by a composer named Sergei Prokofiev. Read more about him here.


Let’s learn a ittle bit about rhythm today!

Quarter notes are notes that receive ONE BEAT. They look like this:

Let’s practice playing quarter note rhythms in this quick video.

Now let’s try playing or clapping quarter note rhythms as we listen to the Hunter’s Theme in Peter and the Wolf...




Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday in the symphony performance. Start at the 11:43 mark and listen through the 24:00 mark (this is the longest day of listening!).

As you listen, answer the questions below…


How does the Wolf’s Theme make you feel when you hear it?

What words would you use to describe the music played as the wolf chases the duck?

Would you be able to picture what is happening if the narrator weren’t speaking, and you only heard the music? Why or why not?

What are some words you would use to describe the music played as Peter catches the wolf?

Do you hear the timpanis play as the hunters enter the scene?



That’s everything for today! See you tomorrow for our final day of Busy Kids Do Peter & the Wolf Camp!